Every artist is certainly a born marvel, who communicates with every stroke of his brush and amalgamation of vibrant colours. Distant from every stereotype and afar from every boundary, an artist continues to set new milestones with each individual art piece. Revolving around diverse disciplines, an artist has no limitations and thus, expresses his imagination and frame of work using several themes, colours, and matters, to produce a piece that reflects none other than a phenomenon. Assuredly, it is not everyone’s cup of tea and only a true art devotee is able to pull together all the elementary colours and transform them into a spectacular piece.

Marks Art appreciates the talent of every artist and work towards bringing together all the legends under our art hub. It is our privilege to be surrounded with a cluster of art prodigies. Hence, together we will nourish, develop and prosper in the world of art.

Rahim Amartey – Emerging Artist in UK

Rahim Amartey is a Milton Keynes based artist. Graduate of University of Northampton, School of Arts in Fine Art with a BA(Hons). Rahim strives to remove himself from all stereotypes by testing boundaries and setting new targets with each individual piece. He creates and expresses identity, culture and evolution through his techniques; determined to evolve with every new piece. His ambition is driven by research and discovering new artist and techniques within art. Rahim is a fine artist working with a variety of disciplines and techniques to create his work predominately; drawing, acrylic painting, oil painting and printmaking such as Etching, Lino, and Screen-print. He coined the ideas of using different materials such as the combination of sand used to create Screen-print portraits that were sourced and flown from Ghana where the artist originates. This, in turn, creates a unique trademark for the artist, transforming his work into a cultural and significantly personal piece by making reference to his personal life. This relation allows his work to stand out by being self-evident, expressive and confident. His themes as well as chosen concepts are thoroughly considered along with aspiring to constantly try to improve and refine his skills, by pushing beyond his current boundaries

At a young age, Rahim was inspired by to watching a local artist paint in Ghana. He arrived in the UK on the 9th December 2005, studied at the Hazeley Academy 2006 to 2009. Whilst at the school Rahim found his interest in Art and his ambition grew to learn more about different techniques and methods within art in order to become a better artist. He aspired to create work and to work collaboratively across cultures, bringing together his passion for the subject together with like-minded artists. Thus, he rode a successful journey from an emerging artist in UK, to a renowned artist present to date.